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Enjoy the Eifel

The Eifel is a low mountain range that stretches across Germany and Belgium. The tourism in this region is still in development so there's no mass tourism; therefore nature has been beautifully preserved. The Eifel is known as an excellent walking area. The numerous marked hiking trails are an ideal guide through the varied landscapes. The area is also very popular with cyclists. Both for the recreational cyclist as for experienced cyclists, the Eifel has plenty to offer.

Besides walking and cycling you can also practice other active sports in the Eifel. Some rivers are used for activities such as whitewater rafting and kayaking. For motorcyclists, the Eifel region is loved for its many hairpin bends. There are also various other possibilities such as golf and equestrian.

Geocaching is relatively new. With geocaching someone hides a special waterproof box containing a logbook and possibly a number of objects (to trade) in a special place. Using a handheld GPS you walk from shelter to shelter and go look for the cache (treasure). Along the hotel there's a beautiful geaocaching route.

In winter, many trails open as cross-country tracks. Than skiing and tobogganing become very popular activities around here. There are several areas that have a lift and other facilities.

The Eifel is also an excellent base for a fun vacation or shopping. From its central location you can easily travel to Aachen, Cologne, Trier, Bonn, Liege and Luxembourg. Visit in the months before Christmas one of the many Christmas markets.

There are endless things to do in the Eifel. To your convenience below we give our top 10.

Top 10 sights in the Eifel

    • The Oleftalsperre - Near Hellenthal, in the middle of the forest, lies the Oleftal reservoir. Around this drinking water reservoir leads a road of about 14 kilometers. This road can be explored on foot or bicycle and leads along the overwhelming nature and offers stunning views over the lake and the forest.

    • Monschau - Monschau lies in a narrow and deep valley in the Eifel along a river. The historic architecture and abundant greenery give Monschau its unique character. It seems as if time stood still. The town has a large amount of half-timbered houses, quaint shops and cozy cafes. Don't forget to visit the Christmas Shop in the center of Monschau.

    • Vogelsang - Vogelsang is not only a beautiful place in nature, behind the architecture there's a remarkable history. The complex was built in 1934 by the former regime to train future party officials. In 1940, a boarding school was established here as part of the "Adolf Hitler Schulen", an elite school for the Hitler Youth. After the war Vogelsang became a military training area, first for the British and after 1950 for the Belgian Armed Forces. A visit to the complex is certainly worthwhile. The tour is recommended.

    • Gerolstein & Bitburg - In our hotel we serve Bitburger beer and Gerolstein mineral water. If you would like to know more about the origins of these drinks, then you can go to Bitburg and Gerolstein. In Bitburg you can visit the Bitburger Brewery and Bitburger Adventure World experience. In Gerolstein you can see the mineral water spring and the factories of Gerolsteiner.

    • Wildgehege Hellenthal - Every season there's something exciting happening here. Especially in spring, a visit to the Wildgehege is worthwhile. The deer throw their antlers, and the sea and golden eagles begin to mate. From March, the first young can be watched. A special attraction is the famous flying demonstrations with birds of prey. Eagles, vultures and falcons exhibit their skills every day. A playground, a petting zoo, bumper cars or ride in the Gehege Express further ensure variety.

    • Nürburgring - The Nürburgring is a race track in Nürburg. On September 27, 1925 the construction of the circuit around the village and medieval castle started. Every year the 24 hours of the Nürburgring is driven here. Since 1985 the annual rock festival Rock am Ring is held at the Nürburgring. You can also drive a lap on the circuit with your own car or motorcycle.

    • Siegfriedlinie - The typical dragon's teeth were laid down in the landscape as a tank barrages in 1939 and were part of the Siegfried Line (Westwall or Höckerlinie). The Siegfried Line runs from Kleve to the Swiss border and has a length of over 630 km. In the Eifel, the Siegfried Line is still clearly present. Everywhere you see the distinctive dragon's teeth as a ribbon cutting through the landscape. Many hiking trails lead you along the Siegfried Line and other remains of the war.

    • Reifferscheid - Reifferscheid is picturesque fortified village with more than 900-years of history. From the castle only the remains of the outer walls, the gate flanked by two round towers and the current whitewashed watchtower (natural) are remaining. Every year on the third Sunday in September the castle is the stage of the so called Burg Fest. Then you go back in time with knights, damsels and medieval music.


    • Volcanism - The Eifel is an area with curious circular lakes, interspersed with forests and murmuring sweet rolling hills. Many of the lovely round lakes in the Eifel are in fact the remains of flooded volcanic craters. There is still volcanic activity which can be observed in the Eifel. There are many hot springs and there are cold water geysers in Wallenborn and Andernach. Some say that under the Laacher See there is an active volcano. The activity of this volcano is visible through carbon dioxide that still bubbles up on the southeast side of the lake.

    • Wild daffodils - Every year in April and May the special protected wild daffodils come to bloom. Then yellow wild daffodils form a carpet of flowers throughout the valleys and meadows of the Eifel. This annual spectacle attracts thousands of visitors who come to enjoy this spring harbinger.


Besides all these activities there are plenty of other things to do to fill your stay in the Eifel. Reasons enough to visit this beautiful region in Germany!


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